Saturday, April 14, 2007

Swimming in Florida

We went to Orlando, Florida, on Saturday, March 24 and returned on Sunday, April 1. We stayed at a time-share condo of our friend(s)Susy (& John) Roberts, with the main focus being “to reacquaint myself with swimming”. It was certainly a success. The condo unit had a nice 25 meter pool, with lane lines, and we swam every day for early morning (freestyle) laps before the pool got crowded with kids. I brought my wetsuit to improve my flotation and to keep me warm (and my goggles and Lycra cap). I first did laps on Saturday, March 24, and only completed 1.5 laps, without a stop. On the second day, Sunday, March 25, I swam 11 laps. On Monday, March 26, the result was 20 laps. By Tuesday, March 27, my accomplishment was 30 laps, and by Saturday, April 1, I was up to 40 laps, or 1000 yards.

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cosmic whimp-out said...

My goodness Joe -- this is amazing!

My tops ever is maybe 30 laps; never mind attempting that now... I'd better work on it :)

Miss you lots! xo