Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The 2010 BIAC Bike-A-Thon was a Success.

Photos courtesy of Bill McEwen

I am pleased to announce that BIAC raised over $8000 (after expenses) from Saturday’s Bike-A-Thon. The BIAC Bike-A-Thon raised awareness of brain injury. Attorney Tony Sheffy will return as the named sponsor in 2011. The BIAC Bike-A-Thon is now an annual fund raising tradition. Thank you for supporting the Bike-A-Thon.

The photo immediately above displays a group of riders on the BIAC Bike-A-Thon course with a lighthouse in the background. Above it is a photo of my son and I. The leftmost photo shows me in the process of riding the metric century.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Zack on "Glee" episode

On 7/27/07 we viewed Silas’ documentary on Zack Weinstein after we viewed Silas’ documentary on me. On 5/11/10 Lynn was watching “Glee” and she called me to see an actor whom she thought was Zack. Lynn and I watched the full episode of “Glee” but we missed the credits. I did a Google search on Zack & Glee and I found this article about the episode of “Glee.”