Friday, March 27, 2015

Spoke at the annual meeting of a Brain Injury survivor group

This meeting was hosted by the Mount Sinai Rehab Hospital in September, 2014. I initially agreed to speak for 15 minutes, however they asked me to speak longer, so it went about 25 minutes. I was given a generous thank-you gift as well as the posted endorsement letter.

Was on a panel at the 2015 NEURON conference

NEURON is the North East Undergraduate Research On Neuroscience. When I was asked to be on the panel, I was told the panel was loosely entitled "What pre-health students should know about brain injury." The 2/22/2015 conference was held at Quinnipiac University. Before the panel began fielding questions I gave a 10 minute overview of my TBI, along the lines for which the panel was formed. The questions fielded from the audience, which also included educators, were insightful and thought provoking.

Monday, March 2, 2015

A pictoral of my transition

Then - about 5 weeks after I went into a coma in 2006; intubated with a serious scar on the temple of my head! ..... and now -skulling in the Hartford Regatta in October, 2014.

I have a cycling friend whose wife is a graphic designer. She took these two images and created this image merge that I hope you find interesting.

..... thanks Christine Waite!!

I was presented an honorarium for speaking at CCSU

I’ve delivered my talk about surviving with a brain injury more than a dozen times for several different psychology subjects for professor Andreoletti at Central Connecticut State University. As well, I’ve presented to other psychology classes for other profs at CCSU. The more significant thing about this presentation was that Carrie advocated an honorarium for my talk.

I presented at STCC; could lead to future talks

On Nov. 17th, 2014 I presented to a combination of 3 classes at STCC (Springfield Tech Community College). Julie, whom I know from her PT job, arranged this talk. I knew she was taking neurology, which I thought was a perfect fit for my material, however Julie had invited both a P/T and an O/T course's students. I presented for an hour and a half an answered questions for another 45 minutes. Many of the students e-mailed with their comments and appreciation. One of the 3 classes mailed to me a collective, hand-written thank-you note.
The O/T program director emailed me with her reaction that my presentation was well organized and orchestrated. She also paper-mailed a formal letter of appreciation on school stationary.
This same O/T program director recommended me to speak to her colleagues’ students at Springfield College. Stay tuned for a post about such talk.