Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Joe's Journey Feedback - transcending

This is a portion of a note that my son, Paul, received from a good friend's younger sister who is living in Spain. I was so touched by this comment that I am compelled to publish it.

"i have really enjoyed and gained quite a bit from the documentary and continue to check in on the blog and read the new posts. i falter words appropriate to use without sounding too sappy or trite but want it to be known how well done i think the documentary was and how each time watching it, it stays with me. im so glad to see/read as of late what a turn out the film has had...again, deservably so. just now i sat and watched it with my spanish roomates and while they dont speak english they definitely understood and took alot from it, more than you would think. i thought to share that because i think it brings further truth to how power(ful) it is; your faces, the music, the photos, they speak loudly on their own."

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Charityfocus.org now plays Joe's Journey

Silas gave me another of his many gifts when he called me and reported that my fortune continues to improve. He told me that less than a week after being featured as the Karmatube video of the week, our documentary film is featured on http://www.dailygood.org/ or charityfocus.org. Please don't pinch me or I might snap out of this dream. It appears that I am inspiring many people.

The response has been no less than overwhelming. Responses keep flowing in fom http://www.dailygood.org/, from http://www.karmatube.com, from my BLOG, and even from Lynn's website.