Thursday, March 27, 2008

Karmatube: Documentary Update

I really wish I could post on my BLOG all of the comments/replies that I've received about the availability of the documentary film on Karmatube, but that's not possible. Please accept my heartfelt, personal gratitude.

I'm Behind the Wheel Once Again

On my birthday, 3/18/08, I passed my driver evaluation and was authorized to resume driving. I have been given me a few valuable stipulations; limit my driving to familiar routes and eliminate distractions in the car (loud noises, music, engaging in conversations). YIPEE!! I hope to see ya on the road.

On Tuesday, 7/8, I drove ALONE to the Wirtalla's home to swim in their pool (we are good friends with them). It was my first SOLO driving experience since my accident!!! I am grateful that my family had faith in my abilities and that they allowed me this opportunity.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I’m (once again) stimulating my brain

I'm resuming my former activities. I pursued and received my Masters of Science in Electronic Commerce on-line from the University of Maryland, remotely. Now, I’ve just completed 2 non-credit college courses at the local community college, Manchester Community College. One course, Intro to Windows Vista was on-line. VISTA is the Microsoft Operating System that's now replacing Windows, so that I can better manage my new VISTA p/c. At the same time I completed an in-class course, Introduction to FrontPage, software for developing and maintaining webpages.