Thursday, March 13, 2008

I’m (once again) stimulating my brain

I'm resuming my former activities. I pursued and received my Masters of Science in Electronic Commerce on-line from the University of Maryland, remotely. Now, I’ve just completed 2 non-credit college courses at the local community college, Manchester Community College. One course, Intro to Windows Vista was on-line. VISTA is the Microsoft Operating System that's now replacing Windows, so that I can better manage my new VISTA p/c. At the same time I completed an in-class course, Introduction to FrontPage, software for developing and maintaining webpages.


Anonymous said...


Excellent use of time. I know you enjoy being part of a class environment and learning new material.

I am thinking that you may be on to something with the website development. As you love working with computers, this may be a skill you can use in a new business or creative venture down the road.

As always, you are on my mind and I am proud of you.


Jacque Davis said...

Hello Joe,

I just finished watching your families story. You are all so beautiful ... your hearts are magnifico! Thank you for sharing yourselves with so many of us so that we might learn the love and gratitude you all express so eloquently.

Isn't Vista a challenge? Did a class help at all? Perhaps I need to take one because I'd like to throw my computer out the window most days.

Be well...