Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lynn's Photography Profession Comeback

I’m extremely proud of my wife’s professional photographic comeback. On February 5, Lynn entered the Connecticut Professional Photographers annual print competition. She performed very well. Lynn hadn’t competed in 7 years while we lived in Italy and because she was committed to my recovery from an auto accident.
Lynn earned her tenth Kodak Gallery Award for Photographic Excellence for her image entitled ‘Day Dreamer’, which was also a Judges Choice award. Lynn’s combined print total was in the top 3 in the competition field.

During the convention Lynn was Chairman of the day on 2/6/10. She is a past president of CPPA.

Lynn has been in business for over 20 years in the area. Last year, she opened a studio/gallery in the town that we recently relocated to. Lynn is a Master Photographic Craftsman. She earned these degrees through the Professional Photographers of America.

Lynn recently released to her website a video documenting a family’s photo shoot and the interaction of the product delivery. Her Kodak Gallery Award, ‘Day Dreamer’, is also visible at Lynn's website. You will find that both the full video and the ‘Day Dreamer’ image are available on Lynn's website. There is a "trailer" of the video that appears when you enter Lynn's website.

In October Lynn began displaying her photographic images at the TRUNK SHOWcase, which is a unique boutique that features Connecticut’s most inventive artisans and designers. At the store, located on Main Street in the historical district of Glastonbury, Connecticut, one can find various items that celebrate the creativity of the designers that make them. The products include apparel, accessories, handbags, jewelry, art, pottery, and home decor.

TRUNK SHOWcase features a rotation of local artisans. Visitors can expect to see different products in the store on a regular basis. The artists’ work continues to be updated in the boutique.

Congratulations Lynn.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I celebrated the 4 year anniversary of life reborn.

Yesterday, 1/31, was the 4 year anniversary of my TBI. I haven't posted to my BLOG in a long while so I break the dry spell with a memorable occasion. Lynn and I got up on Sunday morning and we went to church. When we returned I whipped up a batch of pancakes with honey, oatmeal, and yogurt. I topped the pancakes with bananas and warm, real maple syrup, and I served fresh-brewed coffee with them. My son was home from NYC for Saturday night and Sunday to join me in celebrating the occassion. It is nice (and dolce-sweet) to be alive! Thanks to everyone who has helped me over the past 4 years and more.