Saturday, December 13, 2008

TBI Recovery / Bicycling Progression Together

It helps me to stand back and put my recovery progress into perspective. These photos of me riding a bike accentuate my progress.

On July 25, 2007 I first rode a tandem bike with my friend, Phil, at Elizabeth Park, in West Hartford. On 9/19/2007 I was riding my bike with Fatwheels and by 5/19/2008 I rode a bike (alone) with my friend Al at the beach.

I welcome you to make a side-by-side comparison of the 7/25/2007 and 12/3/2008 photos and join me in the rediscovery of my life. The top photo is of me with Phil, taken recently on a bike ride along the CT river (and we climbed the infamous hill at Old Maids lane). If you wish to, please parse thru my BLOG to review the details of each posting. (Notice how chubby I was back in July 2007. It's difficult to comprehend that I was a competitive trathlete and marathoner in the past.)

I have donated my Fatwheels to Gaylord Hospital so that someone else can take advantage of them, as I did.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our 27th anniversary: I exercised independance.

The entire day felt like old times, again. I acted independently. I planned and exercised time management skills. I researched the menu, bought the groceries, prepped the meal, cooked it, set the table, showered, and got all dressed up. I woke up and drove down to (the local) Gardiners market, where I bought a center-cut pork roast, the correct apples to make applesauce, and an anniversary card.

I swung by the local bakery for a couple of cinnamon buns, which we ate with the coffee that I made before I departed for the market. I brought Stella to run free at the Gazebo, and then I put on my apron and I became a chef. I prepared the applesauce, pork roast, potatoes, carrots and Brussels sprouts with walnuts. I even made a peanut butter passion desert.

Lynn cleaned out the fireplace and prepared the lumber. She left it ready to simply strike a match. After dinner I made a fire in the fireplace.

I've included a photo of the meal. (Notice Stella's head, in the background, below the platter.)

****** Appended 12/09/08 ********

We spent the weekend visiting our long-time friends and co-swimmers, John and Susy, who’ve bought (and relocated to) a lake house in Lee NH. We had a wonderful time. We let Stella run-free in their front yard, took a rugged hike at College Woods, visited the Christmas Dove shop, attended an open-house at an organic homeopathic shop, played card games, watched a UNH women’s hockey game, and swam at UNH. I’ve included some photos that document our weekend.