Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our 27th anniversary: I exercised independance.

The entire day felt like old times, again. I acted independently. I planned and exercised time management skills. I researched the menu, bought the groceries, prepped the meal, cooked it, set the table, showered, and got all dressed up. I woke up and drove down to (the local) Gardiners market, where I bought a center-cut pork roast, the correct apples to make applesauce, and an anniversary card.

I swung by the local bakery for a couple of cinnamon buns, which we ate with the coffee that I made before I departed for the market. I brought Stella to run free at the Gazebo, and then I put on my apron and I became a chef. I prepared the applesauce, pork roast, potatoes, carrots and Brussels sprouts with walnuts. I even made a peanut butter passion desert.

Lynn cleaned out the fireplace and prepared the lumber. She left it ready to simply strike a match. After dinner I made a fire in the fireplace.

I've included a photo of the meal. (Notice Stella's head, in the background, below the platter.)

****** Appended 12/09/08 ********

We spent the weekend visiting our long-time friends and co-swimmers, John and Susy, who’ve bought (and relocated to) a lake house in Lee NH. We had a wonderful time. We let Stella run-free in their front yard, took a rugged hike at College Woods, visited the Christmas Dove shop, attended an open-house at an organic homeopathic shop, played card games, watched a UNH women’s hockey game, and swam at UNH. I’ve included some photos that document our weekend.

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