Saturday, December 13, 2008

TBI Recovery / Bicycling Progression Together

It helps me to stand back and put my recovery progress into perspective. These photos of me riding a bike accentuate my progress.

On July 25, 2007 I first rode a tandem bike with my friend, Phil, at Elizabeth Park, in West Hartford. On 9/19/2007 I was riding my bike with Fatwheels and by 5/19/2008 I rode a bike (alone) with my friend Al at the beach.

I welcome you to make a side-by-side comparison of the 7/25/2007 and 12/3/2008 photos and join me in the rediscovery of my life. The top photo is of me with Phil, taken recently on a bike ride along the CT river (and we climbed the infamous hill at Old Maids lane). If you wish to, please parse thru my BLOG to review the details of each posting. (Notice how chubby I was back in July 2007. It's difficult to comprehend that I was a competitive trathlete and marathoner in the past.)

I have donated my Fatwheels to Gaylord Hospital so that someone else can take advantage of them, as I did.

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FlierFill said...

You have made such progress from the flat terrain Elizabeth Park biking that we did 17 months ago. I remember that you were game for it, but your legs just did not want to "beat to the rhythm". Still hearing how the wind felt good on your face told me all that I needed to hear. Your will is strong and that is something that I have continued to marvel at.

Biking last week was great fun. I had concerns that you might be unsafe but you did it all so well. Friend Gary Vollinger and I , on our road bikes no less, were sweating most of the way just to stay with you on your fat tired hybrid! It was brisk, sunny and we all enjoyed the moment and beauty of the ride.

So not only do you continue to out fish me but you also out bike me! And that my friend, makes me feel grand! You are the an amazing person!