Friday, September 14, 2007

Easter Seals' Medical Rehabilitation Patient of the year (2007)

I was awarded the 2007 Medical Rehabilitation Patient on Tuesday, September 13, 2007. I attended a Board of Directors meeting at Easter Seals, at the Windsor campus. It was quite formal. I was one of a few annual awards presented by John Longo, the chairman and the past president of Lynn’s (my wife’s) High School class (where she was, simultaneously, the Class Treasurer). Other awards were made to the “business partner” of the year, volunteer of the year, etc. We were individually presented with a wooden plaque and a floral arrangement (of mums) and we were treated to refreshments. Each honoree’s accomplishments were personalized and photographs, capturing the moment, were taken.

You have just read the culmination of a (far too long) story. The process began back ~September, 2007. I attach an email from

Mr. Bruce Wassung, BS, PTA
Director of Medical Rehabilitation
Easter Seals Greater Hartford Rehabilitation Center

that I received on Aug 31, 2007 @ 9:53 AM

We cordially invite you to an Easter Seals staff meeting honoring staff members and patients we have had the privilege of working with this past year. You have been nominated as our "Patient of the Year". The meeting is at 4:00 p.m. on September 11th. Allen Gouse and I would also like to discuss volunteer options per your previous email after the meeting. Allen is very interested in utilizing your engineering background.

I'm ecstatic and so very honored.
I only wish that my entire family could be co-honorees.

On the Road, Again

Some people, who know me well, may be curious about my ability to “re-learn” how to ride a bicycle again, with my impacted balance issues, but I have found the solution. I recently visited a favorite bike shop (from my old life), Pig Iron Sports in Glastonbury, and my buddy Billy (also the shop owner) recommended that I evaluate the product pictured here. I researched and purchased a set at . I installed it and I am in the process of executing a tiered plan for, again “feeling the wind in my face”. Below is an extract from the website……………

Safety in bicycle riding should be a priority when choosing your equipment. Riders who have not yet developed an adequate sense of balance may choose to utilize training wheels to provide stability. During the learning process, and in some cases, throughout life, Fatwheels training wheels can make the difference between an active life and a sedentary one.
Fatwheels "Outriggers" for 24", 26", 27" and 700c bikes. Made in USA of Laser cut, TIG welded, aircraft quality aluminum mounting brackets, and "Skyway" brand fiberglass reinforced nylon wheels, this product mounts to the bike's frame and will carry heavy (up to 250LB) riders. Very strong and light. Price: $179.95 per pair with 12.5" wheels, $199.95 per pair with 16" wheels (plus shipping) ALL OUTRIGGER BRACKETS ARE NOW POWDER COATED BLACK. IT IS A VERY TOUGH, ATTRACTIVE (AND EXPENSIVE) FINISH!

In mid-September, my close friend, Lappie (pictured in this BLOG, below), installed my “training wheels” (the Outrigger product) on my Klein, ex-tri bike, and I went for a ride. It was so liberating!! I now have more freedom! I continue to utilize my carbon-fiber framed, Scott, on my trainer.