Wednesday, April 2, 2008 now plays Joe's Journey

Silas gave me another of his many gifts when he called me and reported that my fortune continues to improve. He told me that less than a week after being featured as the Karmatube video of the week, our documentary film is featured on or Please don't pinch me or I might snap out of this dream. It appears that I am inspiring many people.

The response has been no less than overwhelming. Responses keep flowing in fom, from, from my BLOG, and even from Lynn's website.


lucho said...

Congratulations for your progress Joe, you have a beautiful family and a God that loves you

Henry Melcher said...

Joe-- this post is long overdue. I watched Si's documentary for the first time a month or two ago, and returned to watch it again last evening. I cried each time-- your gratitude and work ethic are both so solid, so impressive. I made sure to go to bed early last night and rise early this morning in an attempt to match everything you put into and get out of your time. Keep pushing it, baby. Cheers to you, Joe!