Monday, March 2, 2015

I presented at STCC; could lead to future talks

On Nov. 17th, 2014 I presented to a combination of 3 classes at STCC (Springfield Tech Community College). Julie, whom I know from her PT job, arranged this talk. I knew she was taking neurology, which I thought was a perfect fit for my material, however Julie had invited both a P/T and an O/T course's students. I presented for an hour and a half an answered questions for another 45 minutes. Many of the students e-mailed with their comments and appreciation. One of the 3 classes mailed to me a collective, hand-written thank-you note.
The O/T program director emailed me with her reaction that my presentation was well organized and orchestrated. She also paper-mailed a formal letter of appreciation on school stationary.
This same O/T program director recommended me to speak to her colleagues’ students at Springfield College. Stay tuned for a post about such talk.

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