Saturday, April 14, 2007

Running a Maiden lap on The Track

Within the past week, I successfully ran a lap at the MHS running track with my friend, Al, who has been my buddy since our college days. We completed a lap, holding his arm to give me stability, in just 3 minutes, 55 seconds, after completing a lap prior, completely solo, in just 4: 24. I was actually running, not merely walking fast, and it gave me a sense of accomplishment. It was especially significant to complete this milestone in the presence of Al, who has been my camping buddy since our UConn days and who credits me with introducing him to many competitive individual sports. In fact, one year ago, when Lynn heard about my serious accident, she called Al to inform him about my condition and he dissolved his sorrows while completing a run at Hammonasett State

Our daughter, Kate, has quit smoking and has targeted the same race, The Race for The Cure 2007, to commence her formal running career. We hope to make The Race for The Cure 2007 a joint running event.

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DD said...

Another milestone, running again! That and dancing and traveling... you continue to amaze and inspire us as you challenge yourself and those around you... :-)