Thursday, March 15, 2007

Graduation from Easter Seals

They graduated me from rehabilitation at Easter Seals, yesterday, 3/14/07, and I earned a gold star, only the third person they have commenced with such high honors. It was a very melancholy day. I should have been thrilled to move on to the next chapter of my rehab, but I will sorely miss the connection I have established with my friends on the staff at Easter Seals. They not only rehab one’s physical bruises but their emotional ones, as well.

The therapists Easter Seals have enriched my life, beyond words. The Easter Seals’ therapists are consistently very professional, always providing feedback that is so positive and uplifting yet, never, even marginally, discouraging. It will be very difficult to say “goodbye” to Jocelyn, my speech therapist, to Susan and Marie, my physical therapists, and to Chris, my occupational therapist. I will forever benefit from my experience at Easter Seals, the one positive aspect from a likewise very bad chapter in my life.

We had a celebration, 4/14/07, for my therapists and my personal coach, Paul Lapierre, and his wife, Sheila. "Lappie" often prefaced a new exercise he is introducing, joking “this aint no Easter Seals”, implying that what he is about to instruct me on is “very vigorous”. They (both, Lappie and my Easter Seals therapists) developed a mutual appreciation for each other’s trades. My son, Paul, prepared a fabulous meal and we shared a viewing of the video of "Joe's Progress" and some of the image shows Lynn has, documenting our life in Italia.


Andy said...

I am sure it surprises no one that you earned a gold star for all your efforts and progress. You are such a strong and determined individual and are appreciative of the talent and dedication you experienced at Easter Seals. They definitely have a strong feel for the competitor and sincere person that you have always been.

I know that the formal portion of the therapy may have ended, but I hope there are ways to still intereact with these wonderful people who obviously care for you so much.

mcknett1 said...

Pat sent this to me just this week and now I wish I had known of it all along. Joe, I am so impressed and proud of you. Pat kept us all informed, of course, but having not seen you for years I imagined what you looked like and sounded like. It was amazing to see this because, well, I see that you are Joe. Why should I have expected anything else? It is inspiring to see your strength, but also to see the love and support of family and friends. Keep it up!

Your friend and Masters Way neighbor, Chris McKnett

Traci said...

Your strength is truly amazing. Your support from your family is also amazing and wonderful. My boyfriend was in a car accident in Oct. 2008. I can only hope that his recovery will be as good as yours has been. Your video was very inspirational as I am going through a lot of what your wife went through (I am his primary care giver) It is so heartbreaking, but I keep the hope through seeing and hearing your story! Thank You and God Bless!