Monday, September 28, 2009

Vacation at Falmouth

We vacationed at Falmouth on the Cape (for 3 full weeks). We stayed at a cottage where we've stayed many times before and it is owned by a relative. The cottage abuts a Salt pond and is @ 1/2 mile from the beach on Martha's Vineyard Sound.

The cottage is set back ~200 yds from the paved road and has a shared unpaved driveway. We brought our mountain bikes on vacation and I frequently rode the unpaved driveway. These were my first real bike rides since my knee was resurfaced. I snapped a few photos to record that bike-ride moment.

There was construction of homes on a neighboring cul-de-sac. I gradually biked up the shared unpaved driveway, then down the neighboring cul-de-sac. Eventually I worked up to solo bike rides to the beach.

We had many vacation guests. My son stayed with us for a week centered around Labor Day. Paul has recently taken up surfing. He is naturally athletic and a proficient skate-boarder. We went to the National Seashore and I sunned on the beach until the tide was best for surfing. We then went back to a surf shop and he rented a board.

One day Paul and I made a longer bike ride to Woods Hole and I snapped these fotos:

We took a day trip to Provincetown with Paul. Here's a few photos:

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Anonymous said...

Hello Joe.

You may not remember me, but I used to work at Parker Hannifin in Forest, Ohio and you would visit our plant quite often. We had dinner several times and even got in a couple of runs together. I was visiting one of my favorite running message boards today, and someone posted a question about the Manchester road race. That got me wondering "whatever happened to Joe Damon"? So I Googled your name and found this site. I'm glad that your recovery is progressing. I always respected your knowledge.

Greg Duvall