Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chris' TBI Research Paper

My nephew, Chris, completed a report on TBI, with particular interviews of (t)his uncle. Mrs. Garcia was Chris’ teacher who graded his research paper. He surely learned how to research a topic and cite a paper.

I sent this email to Chris on the night when he presented me a graded copy of his research paper:

Chris, great job!

I'm proud of you. It's really sobering and upsetting to observe how you perceive my injury effects and its detriments.

Chris’ librarian is the wife of my brother-in-law’s good friend. She guided Chris’ paper topic research. There were a few post-it notes from her that you may not be clear enough to read. She says .......

----> "Chris, I can't believe this! As I was reading this paper I kept thinking Joe's story sounded so familiar. Then I thought, how could this exact thing have happened to two people? When you mentioned Lynn in the paper I had to find you! I am calling Scott tonight to tell them this story
( ;^)) Mrs. Metheny

It has certainly been a long, hard journey for your uncle. He has such a supportive family. Did you let him read your paper?"

Click here to access Chris' full, graded research paper.

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