Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I met Trisha Meili at Gaylord Hospital

My mom, my daughter, my wife, my nephew, and I attended the campaign conclusion event at Gaylord Hospital. Trisha Meili, The Central Park Jogger, was the highlighted speaker. Trisha now lives in CT and she is surely the best known Gaylord patient, ever.

Trisha is a fine person with a heart of gold. Trisha and I became better acquainted over the course of the night. We have many similar experiences and we share much of the same history. She has a tremendous passion to see that Gaylord Rehab Hospital receives the recognition that it deserves.

Trisha sincerely wants to stay in touch with me. She remarked that when I have fully recovered from my knee re-surfacing surgery, possibly we can run together. That would be so cool.

My good friend, Robert, did a great job with the event. He paid particular attention to detail, e.g. fresh-cut Peonies flowers, fine Italian dolce, invitations, name tags, etc.

As the night progressed, during a conversation with Trisha, it dawned on us that 6/16/09 was the 3 year anniversary that I left Gaylord as an in-patient. When I discovered this fact I began sobbing.

Before the event Robert had spoken to Trisha about me and Trisha had previously watched “Joe’s Progress” documentary. If we had gotten well acquainted before-hand and if I was in the room when she was formally introduced, I believe that Trisha would have mentioned me by name in her spoken presentation.

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