Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Joe, Peter, and Salem's Great Adventure

I went mountain biking with 2 friends, Salem and Peter. Salem was a professional mountain biker until 2006. Our adventure was over uneven terrain, in the woods, and, as we saw in the distance we were equally as high in elevation as Old Maids Lane. I’ve made other postings about the hill of Old Maids Lane. The next morning I received emails from both Peter and Salem:

“Joe, I told my wife about the adventure, thinking that she might be upset for subjecting you to such difficulties, but she said that as long as it was fairly safe and slow it was probably good for your experience and confidence. It was admittedly, "a bit much" and obviously was not planned, but you rose to the occasion! - Peter”

“Hi Joe, I enjoyed getting to meet and ride with you, and when I watch you have to work carefully through what I'm sure was once easy, I am impressed by your steady will power and your good attitude through it all. You are taking these challenges with absolute grace, and I'm happy to be along for that ride. Cheers, Salem”

Thanks for the support of my friends. I look forward to many more adventures!

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Dennis said...

Hey there Joe,

I just wanted to drop by and say that I think you're a huge inspiration to anyone with and without a brain injury. I deeply respect you battling your way through your recovery, and wish you and your family the best of luck and happiness in the future :)

Greetings from an 18 year old student from holland ^^