Thursday, January 31, 2008

Today marks the 2-year anniversary....

**** Addended 2/27/08 ****
Related to what I note below, I saw my physiatrist on 2/5/08 and he started me on a med named Aricept to improve my cognition. It is typically prescribed to Alzheimer patients. To date, I've experienced no poor side effects. I feel as though there has been a fog lifted! He is waiting for me to confirm that I have experienced good results then he plans to administer Aricept in conjunction with another med. I look forward to commence this new med.

**** Addended 2/5/08 ****
Well, the bittersweet day passed. I went out to a celebration dinner with Lynn, Kate, and my M.I.L., Alyce, and it was very nice. Earlier in the day I, coincidentally, had an appointment with my physiatrist who paid me a remarkable comment (hence I will remark); he said "In my 15 years in practice you have made the fastest progress I have seen. Your motivation is unmatched." A STRONG STATEMENT, if I might say so.

**** Posted 1/31/08 ****
Well, it’s arrived.
Today is the 2 year anniversary of the auto-accident that nearly claimed my life, leaving me with a TBI and a "life interrupted". I want to verbalize so many thoughts that I have in my head, so expect to see this posting grow.
ENJOY LIFE!!! Smile ( ;^)

If you're wondering what are the daily activities of a man who 2 years ago suffered a "bad TBI" (then you probably don't have much to think about), I'll attempt to summarize the activities that make up my days. I'm probably not the average TBI survivor, so what I'm doing at the 2-year point may not be "typical".

I spend probably 3 or 4 partial-days at the gym/swimming pool trying to regain the fluidity of my strokes (and practicing one of my few exercise/activities that I'm still physically capable of). Simply the activities of preparing the equipment/toiletries and changing/showering are truly exhausting, in themselves.

Since it's wintertime in the NorthEast, I spend a bit of time collecting starter wood (and, if necessary, sawing or pruning) and tending our wood stove fire. But if it weren't winter, there'd be the lawn to cut, rake, and clean-up.

I've begun an on-line course at MCC (the local Community College) and soon after I'm enrolled in an in-class course. This coursework (and upkeep of my BLOG) exercise my reading/writing skills and thus I continually update my computer skills.

I actively keep the household financial matters in order and I keep-up with house maintenance.

I'm also scheduled to attend a driver reaction-time evaluation to resume automobile driving on my own. I remind you that I still have a valid drivers license (as scary as it seems). Regardless, I want to feel confident that I'm taking every precaution seriously.

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