Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mille Grazie, Silas, per il nostro Documentario

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Silas Hagerty for all the efforts he volunteered to produce the documentary. I, also, want to thank Silas for his gift to me; a website, www.joedamon.com. Silas and I got to know each other quite well throughout the production of the documentary. He is very dedicated, generous, hard-working and talented individual. I can be sure of this: whatever Silas puts his mind to will be successful. I will be an honored guest of SmoothFeather.com (Silas’ “gift-economy” endeavor) in NYC on 2/20/08 for a film unveiling with ~50 guests and I’ll have a chance to meet the audience and address them.
Also, in Boston, in March, the film has been invited to enter a film festival, where it will compete. Lynn, Silas, and I will attend. Here's wishing you well, Silas!
My calendar is filling up!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Joe,

Just wanted to say hello and let you know that we were truly touched by the DVD of your journey over the past two years. The images and everything said is so powerful. As my Joe said - it was nice to see you and hear your voice. It is amazing to see the progress you have made. As I mentioned to Lynn, you can see the determination in your eyes. Your whole family has such strength and courage. We wish you continued will and strength in your recovery.

Warm Thoughts,
Sherri and Joe

Anonymous said...

Hi, Joe.

Your documentary was so personal and professional. Thank you for taking the time to share the story of your journey.

Prior to your accident I knew you had achieved many accomplishments and had many close family and friends. However, after watching your documentary I think your achievements since your accident are even greater than your achievements before it. The devotion of your family and friends is indicative of their love and support for you. You are blessed to have such a wonderful support network.

Even though we haven't been fortunate to see much of you since our Pratt days, please know that we think of you fondly and often.

Gen & Joe A.