Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thanked the NKC church congregation for their prayers and support

On Sunday, June 17, 2007, I attended church service at North Kingston (RI) Congregational Church, near the home of my brother-in-law, Scott, his wife Sharon and their 3 boys (my nephews). S&S, some 1,5 years ago, had asked their congregation for their spiritual support. I attended church to allow the parishioners to meet me, the evidence of their thoughts and prayers.
The below text was prepared for delivery, but the portion I presented was limited to the BOLD, text.

…… Introduction by Scott Alemany, then I spoke….

There are many people here to whom I am indebted. Thanks to your generosity, having been requested by Scott & Sharon, to say prayers for me, their brother-in-law, whom many of you had never met. I am thrilled to get this opportunity to, personally, say "Thank-you". I can never express my gratitude. I can never say "thank-you" enough- for your thoughts and concerns. I am one fortunate soul to be standing here in front of you, today.

The remainder was prepared, but, not presented……

Back in the days much closer to the accident, that caused my Traumatic Brain Injury, it felt as if I was in a dream state and I have a very poor memory of the details of those days. But, now, being somewhat recovered, I am much more aware of my surroundings and the reality of what actually occurred to me has taken-hold. I realize that the time will not come, when I awake from "this nightmare", but, everyday, I am, actually, living in "REALITY". Recovery has become a "double-edged sword", because I realize that I will "someday, but, not immediately" regain the "unfortunately superior" intelligence, that I can still remember, so well, that I can almost taste it. And the same can be said of my past athletic successes and my past ability to earn money.
Today, while I would like to maintain memories of the enjoyable times from my past, the same memories are also too painful because they haunt and terrorize me about how different life is today relative to "life before TBI".

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Andy said...


Your powerful speech reflects both your grief and ability to move on with your life. Prior to this accident, you worked hard for evertthing you had. Nothing came without your effort. Under difficult circumstances today, you continue to work hard at making progress and regaining as much as you can. Although it can be difficult for you to look back, it is that very legacy that pushes you to move forward.

A very powerful force in your life that has always been there is now even more magnified: The love from your friends and family.