Wednesday, June 27, 2007

An Adventure Log!! Fishing in ACK (Nantucket)!

We flew out to Nantucket (ACK) Friday morning, instead of Thursday night, due to the local Thunderstorms. The flight was great, - very picturesque. We flew from Brainard Airport in Hartford to ACK, then we got picked up by our friend's parents and we drove to their great, modest, house on the South end of the island, Madaket. Saturday, we caught (raked) many clams and we had some great meals; linguine with clams, clam chowder. We went fishing Monday (though we got shut-out the previous two days). Casting with the right hand is strong, but reeling with the left hand has poor feel (lousy motor skills). I look forward to trying to perfect my fishing touch, in my old stomping grounds (Hammonasett, Duck Island, Kelsy Point)!!!

Monday, I caught 3 bluefish, from shore, alone (except Lynn clung to my shorts so that I would not loose my balance and fall in). We cooked up (Cajun) some fillets and served them as sandwiches!

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