Friday, June 1, 2007

Living with a TBI - Updated 5/07/09

Here are some notes on what it’s like to be me.

-My "motor-skills" have noticeably SLOWED, especially on the "impacted" side /areas affected impacted during the TBI-causing accident (Left Side)
-My past life returns to me in flashbacks
-There are definite moments when my intelligence returns
-I’m frequently cold
-I have a memory of about 10 seconds in duration
-I have very little patience
-I behave as though one who experiences O.C.D. might (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
-I’m very irritable
-It feels as if I always have food stuck in my teeth
-I feel as though I’m experiencing life on the outside of a fishbowl, looking in
-I can't eat hard foods, such as crusty bread
-I can't eat "hot" food, both in temperature and spiciness
-I prefer to have food heated up in the microwave, not in the toaster
-It's quite easy for food to "go down the wrong pipe", making me cough
-My existence seems surreal
-I aggravate my friends/family and they, fortunately, tolerate me
-”Healing” is a double-edged sword; realizing my enormous improvements is marvelous, but realizing how much further that I can improve is overwhelming. I realize the differences between the “before TBI state” and the “after TBI state” and it's quite saddening.

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