Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Filming of a Documentary

My son’s friend, Silas, visited with us from Monday, April 23, until Monday, April 30 to record a documentary film, about my injury, and, mostly, about the progress of my recovery. My hope is that the documentary serves the purpose of answering "what it’s like for me and my family to live with a Traumatic Brain Injury", to raise awareness of the severity of TBI, and to the under-diagnosis of potentially-serious injuries.
Silas is a graduate of the University of Vermont, attended a year of film school at the Maine Photographic Workshop, has worked professionally at MTV, and has recorded many non-profit film documentaries. His website can be viewed at He will make several copies of the documentary on DVD and it will be more widely available on his website. We are planning to host a premier of the documentary, when it is released, and to donate all proceeds to a deserving charity.
Silas has also created a BLOG, where he has placed a preview of the documentary he is producing about my recovery. Check it out, at your leisure!!
Please note the pointers to Silas’ web sites at the end of my BLOG under the section named, “Silas's film making website info”.


Andy said...


The powerful video captures very quickly your difficulties and the courage and heart you are pouring into your amazing recovery. We can also feel the love and spirit that is the foundation of your family. The lasting impression is not only your strength but your friendliness and sincerity that have always been the backbone of your character. I was smiling and crying at the same time as I watched the snippit. It was obviously filmed by an amazing director who is surely beginning a marvelous career in film making.

Joe, having seen you earlier today, I will attest to the amazing progress you continue to make. I think this video is a big step toward your finding a new calling in life that may move you in a direction different from the reengineering of factories and toward reengineering people's hearts and levels of compassion for others. So, no, you are not retired. You are on a sabbatical that is transitioning and transcending you into a new career.

I think there is a great chance this film makes some noise.



cosmic whimp-out said...

I am just in awe and loving the documentary – I can’t stop watching it; over and over. You look beautiful. Just to see you, hear your’s and Lynn’s voice makes me smile (and cry.) Being touched and missing you both so very much.

I whole heartedly agree with EVERYTHING Andy said to include now you’re inspiring / reengineering people’s heart. It’s amazing… I’m blessed to have your friendship for over the decades and love you both!

Maybe you and Lynn can come out to Washington State with Silas the awesome Director to film more? A farm with lots of animals and a scenic valley perfect for bicycling might just do everyone some good…

I look forward to seeing more!
Big hugs!!!