Monday, November 24, 2008

Life at Our New Condo; Enjoying our dancing Cockapoo Run Free

Stella thoroughly enjoys running free at the condo and it gives me the opportunity to give her exercise when I might not otherwise be able to adequately exercise her, considering my physical disabilities. I've been bringing Stella to a community-shared area with a gazebo that's become an informal dog park, where various pet owners bring their pups to play together. Stella has many friends at the condo, some small like Stella (note Tucker and Abby) and others quite large (Haley). I have my method of being cautious while letting Stella run free; I keep her leash attached (notice Stella on the run with Haley laying next to her), but I let her run free, yet, I can easily secure Stella.

Stella now has many friends at our new condo. For a brain-injured person, these new, short-term, situations are challenging. For example, I have difficulty differentiating one dog’s appearance from another’s, but my limits are stretched to accurately remember the pets/owners names' and their related stories.
Stella gives us joy living here at our condo. There are so many reasons that we are thankful to have made the relocation from our large house to our condo, but that may be the subject of an entire novel.

****** Appended 11-30-08 *******

Haley Replaced Stella's Rubber Ball

Yesterday we received a note and a package in the mail. I opened the package and read the note,
---- Stella,
------ Sorry I ate your ball.
---- Hope to see you soon.
---- Haley

Haley is the large dog in the photo, eating Stella's rubber ball. I've added a photo of Stella with the large rubber ball / gift from Haley.

My daughter has encouraged me to create a BLOG just for Stella, but I object. My reasoning is that a dog cannot type (yet).

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