Friday, November 23, 2007

Giro di Vittoria

I coined the title-phrase Giro di Vittoria, meaning "tour of victory" and we proceeded in appropriate spirit.

We completed a 26 day trip to Italia, about which, I will post more detail and photos. Stay tuned!!

To begin the epic sory, here is an excerpt from an email that we sent to our Italian friends on September 5, 2007, before we left on our trip.
We arrive in Italia on 10, ottobre. We will be staying at a Bed and Breakfast called
Parteno .
The address is Lungomare Partenope 1
The phone # is (+39)
We remain there until 18, ottobre

We hope to visit with all our friends in Napoli during the 9 days we are there. We will have access to the internet while we are at the B&B. I have an old Italian cell phone and I hope to have that working while we are in Italy. I'm not sure if the old number will work. We will let you know.

We continue on to Minori, on the Amalfi coast for the weekend (19-21, ottobre)
We will then drive to Foggia on Monday, 22,ottobre and stay until Wednesday,
24, ottobre. It would be great to visit Joe's friends at Alenia while we are there.

We continue our journey to Chieti on 24, ottobre until Friday, 26 and we will stay with Lillian and Ernesto Orsini, who own the farmhouse that Paul and I stayed at while Joe was in the hospital at Villa Pini.

We then travel to Volterra and arrive on Saturday 27 and stay at our friend's Massimo and Inger, who own a farmhouse called Podere Fraggina, where we have stayed many times in the past.

Thursday, 1 novembre , we drive to Finale Ligure to visit Antonio Assereto and his family. His father, Roberto, hired Joe to work in Italy in 2004.

Monday, 5 novembre, we drive back to Roma and fly back to the USA on the 6th.

Ciao tutti, a presto!
Lynn and Joe

We saw our good friends, Oreste and Cristiana who live(d) below us in our home (palazzo) for the 2 years that we lived in Napoli. They live(d) on the ground floor (which, in Italia, they refer to as “piano terra” and we lived on what the Italians refer to as “piano quattro”). They have 2 daughters, Giulia, who is now 4, and Laura, who is now 2. I had never before met Laura. Oreste is an engineer, who has begun his own firm, designing wind generators, to economically produce energy. Oreste just patented the design of his wind generators.

We also met Rosario, who I knew as a manager at the train-producer, Ansaldo Breda, which was one of my clients, and his wife, MariStella, and their sons, Rafaello and Marcello. Rosario had recently been promoted to the manufacturing chief (capo) of the Napoli factory.

To sum up the trip in a single word, BITTERSWEET. It was a VERY emotional experience, to say the least.

At the last minute, our son, Paul, also, was able to join us, too. Paul needed closure from his massive task of caring for me. Lynn and I seriously needed closure to this chapter of our lives.

We enjoyed a very relaxing stay recently at the Parteno B&B, along the bay in Napoli. We reserved the front (sea-side) room and we could easily walk or take the local city bus to nearly any Napoli location. Here is a wonderful photo (by my sweetheart, Lynn Damon) of a fresh-delivered morning capucino & breakfast (cafe e prima colazione pronto nel mattino) to make your mouth drool, with a view of the Bay of Napoli in the background.


Julia said...

Ciao Joe,

Looking forward to seeing some photos and hearing about your journey back to Italy. I'm writing this blogg comment from The Hotel Britannia in Rome! I know you and Lynn are familiar with it...we thank you for the recommendation and we are enjoying our stay here as I'm sure you guys did! Miss you and hope to see you soon...

Julia (and Jay)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Damon,
I caught up on your blog today. Sad I couldn't make the documentary. The little clip I saw online was beautiful.
Sounds like Italy was a great trip and an important one too. Thanks for your inspiration. Stay strong.
Love to the family.
Peace and Prayers,
Jaclyn Champagne