Friday, September 14, 2007

Easter Seals' Medical Rehabilitation Patient of the year (2007)

I was awarded the 2007 Medical Rehabilitation Patient on Tuesday, September 13, 2007. I attended a Board of Directors meeting at Easter Seals, at the Windsor campus. It was quite formal. I was one of a few annual awards presented by John Longo, the chairman and the past president of Lynn’s (my wife’s) High School class (where she was, simultaneously, the Class Treasurer). Other awards were made to the “business partner” of the year, volunteer of the year, etc. We were individually presented with a wooden plaque and a floral arrangement (of mums) and we were treated to refreshments. Each honoree’s accomplishments were personalized and photographs, capturing the moment, were taken.

You have just read the culmination of a (far too long) story. The process began back ~September, 2007. I attach an email from

Mr. Bruce Wassung, BS, PTA
Director of Medical Rehabilitation
Easter Seals Greater Hartford Rehabilitation Center

that I received on Aug 31, 2007 @ 9:53 AM

We cordially invite you to an Easter Seals staff meeting honoring staff members and patients we have had the privilege of working with this past year. You have been nominated as our "Patient of the Year". The meeting is at 4:00 p.m. on September 11th. Allen Gouse and I would also like to discuss volunteer options per your previous email after the meeting. Allen is very interested in utilizing your engineering background.

I'm ecstatic and so very honored.
I only wish that my entire family could be co-honorees.


Andy said...


It is very exciting to hear that you are riding your bike and feeling that breeze surround you once again. I look forward to seeing the fatwheels in action.

It must also feel great to be recognized by people who appreciate all of your strength and determination.

All my best,


chris said...

Mr. Damon,

Congrats on the award. It is truly a testament to the perseverance and dedication that you have applied to all aspects of your life. I had little doubt that you would make a strong recovery and I look forward to seeing you progess further. I hope to see you over Thanksgiving.

Best Wishes,
Chris Dillon