Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Construction/Renovations on our House and Property

I want to congratulate my son, Paul, who completed the design and build of our patio. He was patient and methodical. Lynn, actively photographed the evolution.
The design is comprised of 2 sections, a rectangle outside the existing sun-room, attached, via a small rectangular section, to a larger square section that contains the fire-bowl and a set of Adirondack chairs He prepared the entire base layer (removed the (previous) grass and soil, leveled the foundation, installed a paver retainer) and finished a large rectangle just outside the kitchen window and the sun-porch, laid the connecting segment to the outer (fire-pit) square and he finished that rectangle, too. We bought a NEW gas grill, some new cushions, a chase lounge, and a fire bowl with a removable, copper base and a ceramic-tiled lip. We cleaned the sun porch up a bit and assembled some Adirondack chairs and placed them on our new terrace and we installed a new water fountain in the sun porch. It's quite ZEN!!!

Further, my brother’s friend, Ryan, finished faux-painting the sun-porch and we completed the installation of a “lava-stone”, Sicilian style, table-top, which we brought back from Italy and mounted it to a (locally) custom-built wrought-iron base.

On Sunday night, 7/8, we christened our new patio and fire-bowl. It went real well! Our friends, Tim and Deb; and Susy and John were very impressed!
We thoroughly enjoy sitting on our terrace, having a cup of Java, and a bowl of frosted mini wheats.

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Andy said...

Sounds really nice. Paul must have learned some of these skills from you I am sure. Can't wait to see it.

My best,