Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Adventure with Al 7-29-07

I gave Lynn the day-off from being my care-giver and spent the day, rekindling large segments of my former life, with the help of my dear friend, Al, who was (unknown to me) celebrating his Birthday. Lynn exchanged me, into Al’s care, in Durham, CT, and we proceeded to his home in Madison, picked up some gear, and went to the town marina, where he docks his NEW boat. We loaded our gear into his canoe, then, began the first mini-adventure, an on-the-water transfer to his new boat, then, we topped-off the fuel tanks and ate some fabulous lobster-rolls at…… Then we headed out to some of my old, favorite, fishing grounds. We fished, somewhat successfully. We geared-up with plugs (poppers and swimmers) and I was able to place my casts where I intended. I hooked and landed 2 striped bass. Then I was trusted to navigate his boat back to the marina, where we unloaded the gear, cleaned the boat, cleaned ourselves up, and loaded the gear into his car. He, then, proceeded to Hammonassett State Park, where I was allowed to drive his car through the parking lots and on the Park roads. I did quite well, but I was surprised at how much more difficult it was than I had imagined, mostly due to the reduced, fine-motor, skills of my left side (especially my left arm).

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