Friday, February 9, 2007

Snowshoeing Version II

On Feb 7-10, 2008 we (Lynn, myself, and my son Paul) made our second consecutive annual trip to Jay Peak, VT with Dr. Dan and Jen Veltri, their 5 kids (Kyle, Luke, Emily, Katie, and baby Grace) and Paul and Sheila LaPierre. Jay Peak had received quite a bit of snow just prior and it snowed non-stop Saturday and Sunday. Lynn and I (and Jen) did a load of snowshoeing in fresh powder. We shoed on Sunday (in new powder) then we drove home. It snowed crazily the entire drive home.

Dan is my tri- friend of many years. Paul LaPierre is a tri-friend from P&W and a workout buddy. We are also long-time fellow-bicyclysts. Paul is much more competitive than I can ever hope to be. Paul is also a serious mountain-climber and he's a valuable friend in camping situations.

We went to VT because Dr. Dan was to attend a conference (orthopedic surgery) both years. Dan performed left knee meniscus surgery some 10 years ago. He repeated the left knee meniscus surgery in June 2007 to repair some damage aggravated during my TBI-causing accident in 2006. He has provided many other orthopedic treatments on me. I’m very fortunate to have such a talented, generous, and sympathetic friend. In 2007 we borrowed snow shoe equipment from Dan and Jen, and then we bought our own from EMS.

In 2007, at Jay Peak, we shoed twice per day and I took a nap late in the day. In 2008, at Jay Peak, we shoed daily for a longer duration. In 2008 it snowed recently in CT. For the first time (Feb. 2008), I snowshoed alone on the MCC golf course.


DonnaD said...

Wow- Great blog Joe-
Love you, Donna

dave said...

Joe -

Great blog - glad you got it up and running.

See you soon.

Love -


Lbird said...

Great job on the Blog! It is amazing how fast you figured it out!

Thanks to you and your family for coming to the open house Thursday. You and our entire famiy have been extremely supportive of my career change. I greatly appreciate it!

Love you,

greg said...


I think this is the first time I have ever logged on to a "blog". It'll be fun to follow your progress and remembering your day and writing about it will be a great mental exercise for you. Thanks for today...remind me to wear sunglasses next time, though!

Joe Damon said...

Greg and family,
Yesterday was fun and for the first time, since my acciddent, I worked up a serious sweat. Thanks. Ciao, Joe

cyndilou said...

howdy joe.... my maiden "blog" voyage... thanks for bringing me into this century.... cyndi

Cathy said...

Joe ~
We had such a wonderful time with you and Lynn ~ lots of laughs! I will send you the picture of you and I for your next blog entry!
We love you!
Cathy and Dale

Susy said...

Ciao! Classy site! With another fairyland snowfall outside, I imagine you and Lynn have already buckled on those snowshoes and taken off through the woods. Wish John and I could join you. I'm watching chickadees and squirrels on the birdfeeder for my exercise right now. Keep warm! Susy

Juanita Planeta said...

Hey Joe,

This Blog is great!! I am so happy to see your progress, course Lynn has kept me informed all along. Keep up the work.

Belinda Biggs said...

Hi Joe,
I have just watched your journey and read your blog. Well done on your progress, courage and determination. You are such an incredible inspiration.

I am from Perth, Western Australia. I am sonn to launch an inspirational magazine/journal and would love to include your story in the launch issue. I would also be honoured if we could include 'Joe's Journey' in our inspiring clips at the launch in August.

Our website is

I wish you and your family all the best, and hope to hear from you soon.

Take care & warm regards,
Belinda Biggs