Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Silk City Striders Running Club

I have been a member of the SCS (Silk City Striders) running club for the past 20+ years. I've run races of all distances, from 1 Mile to full Marathons. I competed for the club, in individual races and in team events. It was nice to have fellow running comrades and a full suite of running teammates. In January, 2007, the club presented me with an award, the Honorary Comeback of the Year for 2006. The presentation was made at the SCS meeting on Friday, Feb. 23, 2007.


Russ said...

Joe, I went to Quinnipiac's campus today with Sam. It looks like this will be under consideration when the decision-making time comes. With Sleeping Giant Park in the background, it's like being in Vermont.

A couple quick observations during the tour: lots of Long Island accents; there's no pool. Definitely not a choice for young triathletes!

Good luck with the blog.


Julia said...


Congratulations on your blog...its a great way for people to keep tabs on you...I've got one, too:

By the way, very nice photo-you look kinda like a sexy professor grading papers...I've always had a soft spot for the bookish/athletic types as you know!

la tua amica,

Hillman said...


Your BLOG is an interesting way to communicate; and, you look so studious with a pen in your hand. Thanks for including the pictures of you, Lynn and "Biker Guy" (the guy dressed in orange.) And I thought it was only Silk City that had a lock on the color orange for athletic clothing.

Mike said...

Joe, It was great to see that beaming smile Friday night as you reieved the comback of the year award. Janice and I were so happy to be there and experience the celebration. The slide show that Lynn put together was outstanding and very heartwarming!!! Keep up the great work as you prepare for the "RACE FOR THE CURE" in June. See you soon. Mike

ChrisH said...
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ChrisH said...

Great to see you interacting with friends and enjoying life. All of us over here in Italy are heartened by your progress. Hope that one day we'll be able to get together for a bike ride; you were going to do the "Maratona dles Dolomiti" last summer with my buddies and I, but the accident put you out of commission for a while. I wrote a little blurb if you want to take a look -
Team_Bubba-2006.html (no line breaks in that web site address)

Chris Hanson

Antonio said...

Ciao Joe,

I'm very proud of you and all progresses you are doing!

I really hope to see you as soon as possible...

Sei forte Joe, continua così!
Un abbraccio