Sunday, April 11, 2010

First Annual BIAC Bike-A-Thon

I have been helping organize a bike ride to benefit the Brain Injury Association of Connecticut. We are now accepting registrations for the May 15th Bike-A-Thon.

** The following text is excerpted from the event flyer: **

Take the road with fellow cyclists in the Brain Injury Association of Connecticut’s First Annual Bike-A-Thon, and you’ll not only share spectacular views of the six historic lighthouses set between Avery Point in Groton and Westerly, Rhode Island, but one very important common goal: raising the funds BIAC needs to go on providing critical brain injury prevention and resource services throughout Connecticut.

• 62 mile ride $125
• 25 mile ride $50

All participants will receive a Bike-A-Thon t-shirt, water bottle, food at the event, and the gratification of knowing that 100% of everything raised will go directly to support BIAC services.

To learn more about the ride or to register online, please visit

Click here to view the Hartford Courant iTowns (Groton) press release

Click here to view the New London Day press release

Click here to view the full Bike-A-Thon flyer

The photo of me in the newspaper Bike-A-Thon articles also appears in my blog posting dated Thursday, May 14, 2009, titled "My first (post-TBI) road bike climb up a big nearby hill". The photograph was taken after my TBI yet before my knee replacement surgery.

***** Appended 4/25/2010 ********

I have been preparing to complete the BIAC bike-a-thon metric century. On 4/18 I made a rolling ~40 mile bike ride with a local bike shop club and I rode in a group. That was quite an accomplishment. My friend, Peter, joined me for the club ride. I met a few of Peter’s friends there.

We rode back roads thru central CT and took a break for coffee and a pastry at a local fruit orchard with the apple trees beginning to bloom. The weather was sunny but chilly – a typical Spring day.

***** Appended 5/7/2010 ********

I recently made a bike tour of ~40 miles, but most importantly, I climbed a hill (approximately 420 vertical feet) that I hadn’t conquered since before my accident.

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