Sunday, June 8, 2008

My first (post-TBI) bike ride adventure.

I made a HUGE adventure this morning. Greg (my friend) and I biked from my house, along the bike path, to East Hartford, for a total of 15 miles. I documented the trip with photos and there they are.

My therapist recently said to me “your biggest accomplishment is probably your last”, meaning that I’m extremely driven and I’m constantly expecting to surpass my previous goal. He’s begun helping me to deal with this personality trait. Many people have mentioned that they (secretly) thought that I would never again be on a bike in any form or manner. I am thrilled to be riding my bike (alone) again. His comment/analysis is true, however each new accomplishment helps to motivate me to persevere and continue improving.

Very quickly this personality trait takes precedent: very soon I'm going to bike ride on my other mountain bike, with clip-in pedals. It's actually more dangerous with sneakers in rat-trap pedals (such as on the orange Klein, shown above). Therefore, clipped-in pedals will be safer. The photo below shows that I've already achieved that goal. I should stuff a pair of sneakers into my biking jersey, so I can walk around when I stop pedaling.
Lynn (my wife) ran and I biked on a nearby street, so this photo (on my side street) doesn't indicate how far I've progressed (riding on a tree-lined street that traverses town property).

Again that personality trait emerges…… I (secretly) think; then, I'm going to bike ride on my Klein road bike. I've been removing my FATWHEELs from my Klein (which you can see on my BLOG, on the article titled ‘On the Road, Again’) and I’m now about ready to test it out.


Paul said...

Wow, what an auspicious day!

Great stuff

Justin said...

Hi Joe,

I'm a friend of Silas, just watched the film.

I wanted to congratulate you and wish you the best of luck in the future.